Introducing the official
Rawlings PRIMUS NFT and Collectible Glove

Rawlings is taking collectible gloves to the next level with this first-of-its-kind NFT drop. The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection is a limited edition series of NFTs that are tied to real-life collectible gloves.


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Each Rawlings Primus NFT
can be exchanged for an
EXCLUSIVE, collectible


Each PRIMUS NFT corresponds to a matching, numbered version of a physical, limited edition glove, making each physical glove one-of-a-kind. The purchase of a Rawlings PRIMUS NFT grants you a limited-time opportunity to exchange your PRIMUS NFT for the glove with the same edition number from the series tier you purchased.

How ToBuy
Your NFT
The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection will be sold exclusively via OpenSea, dropping in late August. Allowlist members will be able to purchase their PRIMUS NFT a week prior to the public drop. Join the Rawlings Discord to get on the allowlist and to stay up-to-date with all news and information.

NFTs can be purchased using either a digital wallet and cryptocurrency, or a credit card via Moonpay. For more information on how to set up your digital wallet and purchase your Rawlings PRIMUS NFTs, refer to our video.
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How To Claim
Your Glove
For a limited time, PRIMUS NFT Holders will be able to exchange their PRIMUS NFT for their paired Rawlings physical glove. NFT holders must transfer their PRIMUS NFT to the Rawlings Glove Exchange Wallet in order to exchange their NFT and receive their glove. NFT holders who do not transfer their PRIMUS NFT will not be able to receive the corresponding physical glove. Physical gloves not claimed by the end of the claiming period will be destroyed. NFT Holders can NOT keep their Rawlings PRIMUS NFT and receive the corresponding physical glove. A redemption window will be from September to November 2022, and all gloves will be shipped in late 2022. Physical gloves will be available to buyers in all countries not in Sanctioned Countries and Territories. Free shipping is available to continental United States customers. International customers will be responsible for shipping costs.


1. Prerelease

Starting July 2022

Join the allowlist and earn exclusive Rawlings NFT merchandise by participating in Discord challenges! More information about the drop will be released over the next few weeks.

2. Allowlist Sale Week

Late August 2022

Allowlist members will be able to purchase their NFTs during the week prior to the public sale. Get on the list while you can through the Rawlings Discord!

3. Public drop

Late August 2022

The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection will be available for public purchase via OpenSea.

4. Glove Claiming

September to November 2022

NFT holders will be able to exchange their digital collectible for a physical glove. Gloves will be shipped in late 2022.

5. What’s Next

Late 2022 and beyond

Keep checking Discord and this site for more information about Rawlings’ next pursuits in the web3 space!


What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital asset used to represent ownership of unique items or access, whether digital or physical. Most commonly they are used for digital collectibles. Ownership and transfer of an NFT is secured by the blockchain, which ensures that one NFT only has one owner at any given time, and that nobody can modify the history of the token's ownership.

What is the Rawlings PRIMUS NFT?

The limited edition digital collectible offers holders exclusive physical merchandise and ongoing digital utility.

What does “Mint 1” mean?

Mint 1 is the first set of Rawlings digital NFT collectibles.

Where can I get the Rawlings PRIMUS NFT?

Visit to get the official OpenSea collection link. Once all PRIMUS NFTs sell out, you will only be able to purchase a PRIMUS NFT on the secondary market on Opensea.

How many NFTs are in the Rawlings PRIMUS collection?

There are 461 NFTs in the PRIMUS collection.

What is the price of each NFT?

The Pro tier has 300 NFTs and each will be sold for $500 USD equivalent in ETH each. The Gold tier has 150 NFTs and each will be sold for $750 USD equivalent in ETH. The rare Platinum tier has just 10 NFTs and each will be sold for $1,500 USD equivalent in ETH. Final ETH prices will be announced close to the sale date in order to accurately reflect the USD equivalent. The Lindor 1-of-1 NFT will be sold via OpenSea auction with the proceeds going to Lindor’s charity of choice.

What do I get if I buy the Rawlings PRIMUS NFT?

The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT guarantees holders access to exclusive physical products - on top of the inherent value in the NFT and ongoing exclusive access for NFT holders. After purchasing, your PRIMUS NFT will show up in your Metamask automatically and can be viewed in your digital wallet or on a marketplace such as Opensea.

What blockchain are the PRIMUS NFTs minted on?

The PRIMUS NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is a "digital wallet"?

A blockchain wallet is a digital storage that enables you to store and transact with cryptocurrency. In its simplest form, a wallet comprises a public and private key, which are cryptographically generated.

To make the process of setting up a wallet user-friendly, there are many software wallets, such as Metamask, which equip you with a wallet address, key vault, secure login, and backup options to manage your digital assets securely. Metamask runs as a browser extension and/or mobile app, and you can be up and running in just a couple minutes. Learn more at Metamask FAQ.

With a digital wallet, you hold the keys and are in charge of your own assets. Your assets are only as safe as your keys, so back them up off your device and keep them safe! Remember to never, ever share your seed phrase to anyone. That is for your eyes only.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or store of value that uses the blockchain, a digital transaction ledger, to record and secure online transactions. Cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods and services. Currently, the most traded cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum.

What is ETH (Ethereum)?

ETH (Ethereum) is the cryptocurrency being used to purchase and sell the Rawlings PRIMUS NFTs.

How do I purchase ETH (Ethereum)?

Currency Exchange: You can purchase ETH through an online exchange like Coinbase. Once you have purchased ETH, you can transfer the funds into your Metamask or another compatible wallet to purchase an NFT. Please keep in mind that there are limits on the amounts of ETH you can buy and sell based on your account and the platform you're using. For more information visit Coinbase FAQ.

Credit or Debit card: You can also purchase ETH using a credit card via MoonPay on Metamask. Simply choose how much ETH you want to buy, and pay with your credit card. Your first MoonPay transaction will require a verification using your photo ID. Don’t worry, this is safe! For more information, visit OpenSea FAQ.

Can I purchase my Rawlings PRIMUS NFT with a credit card?

If you live in a supported region, you can use MoonPay to buy NFTs with a credit or debit card. A credit card processing fee will apply to all credit card purchases. To use a credit card to purchase NFTs, you must first complete an identity verification process through MoonPay. The process is not controlled by OpenSea and OpenSea doesn't store this data.

What is a gas fee?

Think of gas fees as Ethereum blockchain transaction costs. Both Rawlings and OpenSea have no say in setting gas fees - they are determined by supply & demand across the network (blockchain). If the gas fee is higher than desired, try again later when there may be less transactions happening at once.

Will there be a gas fee?

A gas fee will apply. Gas fees are determined by the Ethereum network and Rawlings does not control them. The product claim window is open until November, so you can choose to claim at a time that suits you and when gas fees may be lower.

What if the PRIMUS NFT is sold out?

If you missed out on the first round of sales, you can pick one up via the secondary market on OpenSea. The official Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection link can be found on This is the only page that the legitimate PRIMUS NFTs will be on re-sale.

How can I tell if the resale Rawlings PRIMUS NFT is legitimate?

ONLY NFTs listed as part of the official Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection are legitimate. Visit or our Discord for official links to our NFTs.

Are thes PRIMUS NFTs available to buy in my country?

Anyone can purchase an NFT on OpenSea. Due to legal restrictions and in line with our Terms and Conditions you will not be able to claim a Rawlings PRIMUS NFT Physical Glove if you are a Specially Designated National or have an address in the following sanctioned countries and territories:

·   Afghanistan
·   Belarus
·   Central African Republic
·   Cuba
·   Crimea region of Ukraine
·   Democratic Republic of Congo
·   So-called Donetsk People’s Republic / Luhansk People’s Republic in Ukraine
·   Ethiopia
·   Iran
·   Iraq
·   Lebanon
·   Libya
·   Mali
·   Myanmar
·   Nicaragua
·   North Korea
·   Russia
·   Somalia
·   Sudan and Darfur
·   Syria
·   Venezuela
·   Yemen
·   Zimbabwe

It is a breach of the terms and conditions to claim a Rawlings PRIMUS NFT Physical Glove via the website if you are a Specially Designated National or resident or present in a sanctioned territory.

Please note, this list is subject to additions as it is determined by factors which dynamically change.

What is OpenSea? is an NFT marketplace, which enables creators and collectors to buy, sell and create. After connecting your wallet, you can purchase, auction or sell a wide range of NFTs. The leading open NFT marketplace is called OpenSea, this is also referred to as the secondary market.

What can I ‘claim’?

If you have a Rawlings PRIMUS NFT, you can claim the physical glove that is linked to your specific NFT. The edition number printed onto the glove will match your NFT edition.

When can I claim my products?

The claim window will open in September 2022 and close in November 2022.

Where can I claim my products?

The only place that you can claim your products is on the official website:

How will the claim work?

When the claiming period opens, you can exchange your PRIMUS NFT to receive your matching physical Authentic Rawlings Baseball Glove.

How can I tell if my physical glove is authentic?

When you exchange your PRIMUS NFT for the physical glove, the item that you will receive will come in Rawlings’ packaging. Inside the box will be your physical glove and an official Certificate of Authenticity issued by Rawlings. The physical glove will be individually stamped with the tier and edition number that matches your exchanged PRIMUS NFT.

Can I choose my glove size?

One size only. All of the gloves are 11.5” for right-handed throwers and recommended for infielders.

What if I own multiple Rawlings PRIMUS NFTs?

You can claim one glove per Rawlings PRIMUS NFT that you own.

I don’t have a Rawlings PRIMUS NFT, can I still claim the physical product?

No, you cannot claim any product unless you have the Rawlings PRIMUS NFT.

Do I have to pay for the physical product?

Buyers will only have to pay the gas fee associated with exchanging their NFT for the Rawlings physical glove. Shipping costs are free for buyers in the United States. There will be a shipping charge for international customers.

Is there any reason for me not to claim my products?

There is no reason for you not to claim your products other than owning an unburned NFT, in which its rarity will increase as others redeem theirs for the physical glove.

What if I miss the claim window?

If you do not burn your PRIMUS NFT, you will be holding onto a limited and rare NFT. All Rawlings NFT holders will gain early access and and/or exclusive access to future Rawlings projects. These opportunities may transcend the digital realm and include live, in-person events and activations.

Do I have to claim a physical product?

It is the NFT holder's choice whether to claim their physical glove, or keep the NFT. NFT holders will not be able to get a physical glove once the claiming window has closed.

Are PRIMUS NFTs on the secondary market valid for product claims?

Any genuine PRIMUS NFT purchased on the secondary market is valid for product claims if it is redeemed at the official website prior to the end of the product claim window. Make sure that you only trade the official PRIMUS NFT, which can be found on the official OpenSea page.

If I bought a PRIMUS NFT on the secondary market, how do I claim the product?

If you purchase a PRIMUS NFT you can claim the product using your wallet address before the claim period ends. Visit to redeem your PRIMUS NFT for your physical glove.

Are claims available to everyone with a Rawlings PRIMUS NFT?

Due to legal restrictions and in line with the Rawlings Terms and Conditions, there will be an additional shipping fee for customers outside the contiguous United States. Please note, this is subject to additions as it is determined by factors which dynamically change. Countries under sanctions or embargo by the United States will not be able to receive a physical glove.

What is the shipping process?

These products have been made specifically and only for this PRIMUS NFT project. From the opening of the claiming window in September, shipments may take between six and eight weeks, however they should be significantly shorter towards the closing of the claiming window in November. We are unable to make any changes to a shipment once it has been placed. Orders are subject to verification and approval before shipping and may take several days to process.

We only ship during business days and do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. While we will do all we can to make sure your order is delivered on time, we cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, service interruptions, etc.

Did my order go through?

Once your order has been successfully placed, you will receive an order confirmation email.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

We do not allow order cancellations or modifications. Since work on processing your order begins as soon as we receive it, we cannot modify or cancel your order. Please enter your address accurately.

Can I change my address after I’ve ordered?

You will not be able to change your address as orders are processed quickly. If you accidentally entered an incorrect shipping address, please contact us letting us know you need to update your address. Please include your full name, order number, and the correct shipping address. We will do our best to change the shipping address before it ships, but cannot guarantee it.

Will I have to pay shipping on the product?

Shipping across the United States will be free. International (Non-US and Canada) buyers agree to pay for the international shipping costs of their glove through

How long will it take for the items to ship after I’ve claimed them?

Gloves will begin shipping in November. Depending on when you claim your glove, it may be between six and eight weeks before your glove ships.

When will I receive my order?

After your order has shipped (see above), you will receive a tracking link that will have the estimated arrival date. Please be aware there may be rare occurrences where customs will delay the transit time of some packages.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking link via email that will have an estimated arrival date. From there you will be able to track your order. If you did not receive a tracking link, please reach out to support.

What do I do if I haven’t received my package?

If you haven't received your packages, please contact our support team on Discord.

Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

Please raise questions in the official Discord server. Open a support ticket if you have problems with your order.

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